Hackathon at The Bike Shed

Case Study

Hackathon at The Bike Shed

The Brief

An international client wished to host an external Hackathon in London; teams from around the world would have the opportunity to compete at the event in order to gain a major investment in their company as a prize. Our team was tasked with finding a stunning venue as well as designing the event, so as to fully bring our client’s vision to life and ensure that all of the guests were comfortable and focused for the duration of the three-day event.

The Venue

We identified The Bike Shed in Shoreditch as an ideal venue to suit to needs and ambitions of the client. The client wished to have their universal brand present throughout the event, which included modern, white and streamlined furniture. Additionally, our team worked to ensure that all of the colours and themes matched and were consistent.

With the Hackathon taking place over three days, our team needed to personalise the arches and brand it with the client’s unique logo for the event. So, the windows were vinyled, the logo was used to frame the screens, and cushions were customised to help make the venue even more exclusive to the client.

Our team was able to transform the two blank canvas arches into a hacking area as well as a chill out zone for the staff members and competitors. Thanks to the industrial-style interior of the venue, we only had to add simple and contemporary furniture to end up with a space that still had plenty of ‘Shoreditch character’.

On the final day of the event, the spectators were invited to view all the competing teams’ pitches and solutions. In order for this the come together, the chillout area of the arch needed to be transformed by into a theatre-like set up. Through proper planning, this was a simple and painless process.

How we added value

The team involved the client’s ideas at every stage of the planning process. As the client was international and based overseas, we needed to send over our ideas and concepts clearly and concisely, with visuals being brought to life with routinely updated floor plans and images.

Additionally, we continued to tend to the needs of the client and their staff throughout the day as well as managing every aspect of the logistics for our suppliers. This ensured the three-day event was stress-free for the client and a roaring success.


Take a Look at What We've Already Achieved

While hackathons have been around for over a decade, they’ve started to gain far more attention from businesses across every sector. But despite their recent mainstream popularity, it’s important to remember that a hackathon is still an event that needs to be planned to perfection.

For Uptown Hack, hackathon event planning is what we do best. Thanks to our intensive experience within the events planning space, we’re ready and able to turn hackathon ideas into real-life success stories. Just take a look what we’ve already achieved for our diverse list of clients.

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