Facebook Castle Hack

Case Study

Facebook Castle Hack

The Brief

Facebook planned to host a two-day hackathon based on a medieval theme, for 200 of their team members and within an hour of London. This Facebook Hackathon was all about inspiring their employees within a collaborative environment so that they could come up with new ideas in a fun and exciting environment.

The Venue

Like any event, the Facebook Hackathon demanded the very best out there for their unique theme. After extensive research, our team identified Farnham Castle identified as the perfect venue for Facebook’s event. The castle was built in 1138 by William the Conqueror’s grandson and still stands in immaculate shape, having been host to a vast number of lavish royal banquets over the centuries.

To adhere to the brief, our team dressed the castle and its grounds in a way that really emphasised the medieval theme and location, including long wooden tables and benches, large candles, hanging crest flags, knights in armour, and traditional music from the period. So that the event could go ahead as planned, WIFI had to be installed in the castle which wasn’t straightforward due to the age of the venue.

The Event

To complete the authentic look of the Facebook Hackathon, our team adorned the castle’s various rooms with unique furniture to suit different workspaces, helping to stimulate new ideas among the employees. A barbeque was lit in the castle’s grounds for lunch which was later followed by a true medieval banquet in the grand hall. To suit the aesthetic traditions of the time, fig and grape vines were scattered across the tables, a hog spun over open flames, guests feasted from wooden bowls and cutlery, and enjoyed drinking their beer from a wooden barrel. Throughout the night, employees danced and laughed alongside their new friends, building on the collaborative efforts of the day and encouraging inter-company bonding. A midnight feast was provided to ensure everyone went to bed rejuvenated, and before long, breakfast was served in the grand hall and the guests returned back to the 21st century.


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